what’s growing

We have had lots of rain and in the woods interesting fungi appear such as above or this unusual specimen below. The puffballs attract little attention while growing. But when it matures a hole appears at the top. In addition to the regular looking fungi there are other varieties, here is another one. But enough with the fungi, what's edible that's growing?  The blueberries and blackberries are done for the season.  And the jujube, such a stellar producer in previous Read more [...]

cracked iPhone 4 screen replacement

This morning's wsj 6/21/17 first page article says "Bust Your Phone Again?  These Teens Are Here To Help".  A 16 year old Nantucket resident instead of surfing, made close to $24k last summer repairing smart phones and is busy again this summer.  His charge to repair a cracked iPhone 7 Plus is $189.99.   M. dropped her iPhone 4 last week and the screen is hard to read - see pic above.  She wants to wait for the new iPhone due later this year.  So I suggested I would Read more [...]

water heater expansion tank

In addition to my place north of Atlanta where I spend most of my time, we have a large house in Atlanta which we will sell when M. stops working.  I have begun readying the Atlanta house for sale.  It has two water heaters and neither has an expansion tank.  The code requires an expansion tank be installed if a new heater is installed or if a backflow preventer (check or one way valve) is installed.   A backflow preventer prevents water on the house side of the device Read more [...]

what’s growing

My last growing update was June 2.  Since then ripe tomatoes, blackberries and blueberries have come on stream.  And wild plants such as the pokeweed above, compete for attention.  Yesterday's basket provided a delicious salad - tasty tomatoes, cucumber, beans plus onions and garlic (not shown).  All freshly picked. I inter-sprinkled some seeds for large sunflowers in the growing area and the sunflowers are now between 9ft and 10ft tall. I also added color to Read more [...]

brake shimmy and a dishwasher fix

When not using the truck to transport materials, I use M's 2007 Camry which now has 155k miles.  It is more comfortable and uses less gas.  Apart from regular maintenance it has required little extra expenditures - new front rotors @ 98k; new upper engine mount @ 138k; new alternator @141k.  But for some time brake vibration has been an issue- the brake pedal pulsates and the steering wheel shakes when I forcefully apply the brakes.  Because the steering wheel shakes this indicates Read more [...]

what’s growing

Despite plentiful rains and cooler temperatures, the transition to summer continues and cool season crops yield to Georgia summer varieties.  Asparagus season is over and those which were not harvested have matured and festoon their delicate tracery in the above picture. I grow for our plate and friends and can indulge allocating growing space to attractive non producers.  The yarrow's shimmering tapestry attracts visitors. And mullein thrives where it is allowed. And a nearby Read more [...]

3 visitors near carport

Previously I mentioned my new bee watering station.  I am pleased to see more and more bees visiting.  I discovered if I increase the frequency of the water drops such that the water surface has continuing ripples they discover it more easily.  Otherwise they scout around the compost area and a couple today were investigating the liquid nitrogen drop off area and one had to be rescued (the container is now covered).  On my return to the house as I passed the post balustrade I Read more [...]

milkweed in the woods & a new bee watering station

It was M. who noticed them while I, deep in thought, walked right past.   From our book "Forest Plants of the Southeast and their Wildlife Uses" (Miller & Miller) she identified it as Asclepias variegata - white milkweed. See picture above showing its distinctive showy 5-lobed petal crown. Milkweed is a favorite of the Monarch butterfly.  This is the only one we have seen in the woods and we resolved to collect its seeds and try extend its presence. Bees need water and I Read more [...]

wood chipper repair

I extend the life of appliances so they can age gracefully as I am also attempting to do.  But they need attention and repair.  I previously posted how I repaired (or had someone repair) the circuit boards of the wall oven, fridge and treadmill all of which are >15 years old and still work fine.  In August 2013 I posted how I rebuilt the engine of my chipper/shredder (see picture above) after the oil plug came off, the oil escaped and the engine seized.  I believe I bought Read more [...]

additional rainwater storage, at last

I have storage capacity for about 6,000 gals of rainwater.  Last November the drought was so bad I was transporting 35 gals of water from Atlanta to my farm each visit - see "making do" post dated Nov 15, 2016.  Additional water storage was needed.  I have a 2,500 gal tank and would like to have ordered another (cost $860 ) but was told shipping cost would be very high.  It was recommended I order the 2,100 gal tank for $920 (yes the smaller one costs more) and the freight would Read more [...]